Drunken Lawn Gnome

Categories: Snooki


This famous Lawn Gnome who goes by Snooki became famous for being a sloppy midget drunken slore guidette on the well received MTV show called the Jersey Shore. Her fifteen minutes of fame have been up for sometime but that hasn’t kept this frumpy pudgyvertically challenged potato from making headlines.

She recently posted a photo of herself sans makeup!  And to our surprise, she actually looks…dare I say… cute?  …in her case less makeup is more, and more lips is less fugly. Looks like Snooki decided to take some injections to her lips to plump up her tiny little cabbage patch doll mouth. In my always correct opinion, I think she had a tasteful amount injected into her lips.

I still don’t get how these Jersey Shore losers are famous. She is incredibly annoying! So annoying she apparently got criminally charged for it! hahaha No joke, she got criminally charged for annoying people. HA.