Don’t Give Me Lip!

The last post on Irina Shayk’s likely lip augmentation created quite a stir but the proof is in the photo above.  Lisa Rinna who has openly talked about her lip augmentation has a striking similarity to Irina’s fake pout.  It is not surprising that Irina Shayk has not admit to having plastic surgery because many celebrities and models simply put…don’t.

Luscious, full, kissable lips have always had their admirers. Lips are synonymous with youth and an icon for sensuality. Still once upon a time women did not have cosmetic augmentation to rely on in order to have attention grabbing pouts. They relied on natural remedies like biting, sucking, and slapping their lips, till they were red and slightly swollen. Then there were those who would use the juices of a pomegranates to stain their lips.

Whether we pursue perfection through products, or procedures, the means for a plumper pout exist to get us where we want to go. From injectables, over the counter plumping products, manual massage (slap, pinch, bite, etc.), to lip enhancements surgery, there are more options than Mother Nature gave you!

Here are some famous faces that experienced lip greed themselves. You’ll notice that the women who turn to injectables and lip enhancements surgery, tend to have the same type of over pouty lips. The photo above shows Lisa Rinna when she had her lip implants, and model Irina Shayk with her current trout pout. Both women were born with a nice set of full lips, but lip greed got the best of them. They decided to enhance their already full lips, throwing the balance of their feminine faces completely off.

Below model Victoria Silvstedt, who is not shy about her several cosmetic procedures, and of course the lovable Beverly Hills Housewife Taylor Armstrong, who has now become famous for her enhanced lips.


Can’t Shayk This Mistake

Irina Shayk is a gorgeous Russian model, seen often times in the arms of her equally attractive famous boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. So why would such an obvious beauty ruin her God given features by getting lip implants? Irina Shayk plastic surgery before and after above shows us the dramatic changes in her lips.  Like many people who unnecessarily turn to plastic surgery, there is an underlying insecurity and no amount of modeling jobs would have stopped her.

She now joins the many celebrities known as the “trout pouts”  in her quest for perfection. Her new set of lips ruin the harmony her face once had, bringing all the focus on what looks like two bottom lips.

Dr. Paul Nassif,  a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California says, “Irina Shayk has had Botox, facial fillers, and a lip augmentation.  Overall, her look is natural and she would not benefit from any additional work at this time.”

Well there you have it folks…

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