In Your Face

Country singer and actress Dolly Parton long ago turned to plastic surgery to transform her face and body to give Pamela Anderson a peak into what she will look like in her golden years.
Parton has stated that she felt that cosmetic surgery was imperative in keeping with her famous image, joking, “If I have one more facelift, I’ll have a beard!” Parton has repeatedly joked about her surgeries, saying, “If I see something sagging, bagging, and dragging, I’m going to nip it, suck it and tuck it. Why should I look like an old barn yard dog if I don’t have to?” and “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.”

She said it, not me…to be perfectly clear, I would have had she not.

What she didn’t think about was how her noticeable plastic surgery was going to affect her acting career. In the new film Joyful Noise, she plays a gospel singer and many critics are zeroing in on the fact that her face doesn’t move. An issue many actresses are getting flack for these days.

What these plastic dolls can’t seem to wrap their frozen faces around is that, it impedes their acting abilities. One of the most basic duties of an actor is…expression!