Wanna Be Like Mike

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Okay so maybe Carmen Campuzano wasn’t trying to be like Mike I made that up, but the similarities in their nose are striking! I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they had the same incompetent plastic surgeon.

Carmen WAS a Mexican actress and model, that is until she decided to get plastic surgery on her nariz (nose)…bringing her once successful career to an abrupt stop. As you can see she did have a slightly big nose for her face shape, but no one can disagree with the fact that her decision to get rhinoplasty was a huge mistake.

She looks nothing like her old self. Gods way of saying don’t mess with my work?

Apparently, while under the knife, the imbecile who regarded himself as a doctor removed too much flesh around the nostrils causing them to collapse. Doctors later performed a number of surgeries in hopes to give her collapsed nose some structure, but were unable to undo the damage. Carmen faced infections and breathing problems, and to this day looks like a Michael Jackson impersonator.

So what does she do? Well if you can’t beat them, join them freaks…