In the News: Paid to Look Like Barbie. Fail.

The Sun Uk reports:

Promotions girl Charlotte, 24, went under the knife to get a perfect nose like Barbie’s and had her lips plumped.

She also dyed her hair blonde, and spent all her spare cash on girlie outfits to complete the look.

Charlotte said: “I told the clinic I loved Barbie and I’d love to have that look. It was really painful.

“My face was bruised afterwards and it took a few weeks for the swelling to go down.

“But when I took the bandages off it was well worth it. Then I dyed my hair blonde. It’s completely changed my appearance and I think it looks pretty good.

“What girl doesn’t want to be like Barbie? I’ve got a few Sindys as well, but Barbie is much better looking.”

Charlotte has collected hundreds of dolls, which she keeps in a special room at her Manchester home.

She said: “I must have spent thousands on Barbies and all their clothes. Some people may think it’s a little weird, but I think it’s great.

“There are so many. I’ve got gym Barbie, tropical Barbie, Cinderella Barbie, Chinese New Year Barbie. There’s a Barbie for every occasion, and I’d love to have them all.”

Charlotte got hooked after getting her first one aged three. She said: “Me and my sister would have massive Barbie weddings. I guess I’ve just never changed.”

Single Charlotte hopes to find a Ken of her own after splitting with her last boyfriend over her fixation.

She admitted: “Boys don’t like it that I love Barbie so much. But I don’t mind. If the right man comes along he’ll love me and my Barbies.”

In the News: Dog Plastic Surgery? It Exists.

 As seen on ABC NEWS By  (@nickwattabc)

How far do you think a dog owner would go to primp their pooch?

Whatever you’re thinking, the answer is: further.

At the Atlanta Dog Spa we met Anais Hayden, a canine creative stylist, who was busy giving a terrier called Frankie Beans a blueberry facial, before giving his friend Boomer Junior a “pawdicure.” Yes, a pawdicure.

“Creative styling is where you add a little bit of color,” explains Hayden. “Whether that’s rhinestones, a little bit of glitter …”

Watch the full story on “Pet Crazy” Friday at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on “20/20″

Her psychedelic creations are astounding. She even paints dogs’ nails. And the dog owners — or “mommies and daddies,” as Hayden calls them — love the results, because their dogs turn heads in the park, and back home they are clean, fragrant and “kissable.”

And do the dogs like it? “They love it,” replies Hayden, as she brushes Boomer Junior’s teeth.

Hayden goes only skin deep. But some dog owners go far deeper in pursuit of canine beauty, tattooing their dogs’ flesh (which requires a full anesthetic) and even piercing their ears.

And then there’s surgery: plastic surgery. We’ve heard tell of a Chihuahua in Florida that had liposuction, although only a pound of fat was removed. There’s a mutt in South Africa who has been fitted with a titanium nose. An Australian dog called Roland had a brow lift. A Saint Bernard in England had a full face lift. Dogs are injected with Botox, have braces fitted to their teeth, and canine nose jobs are pretty commonplace.

But surely dogs don’t care what they look like.

“There’s no bikini season for dogs,” explains Dr. Marty Becker, a renowned small-animal veterinarian with a clinic in Idaho. “There’s no ultra-thin dog models on Animal Planet.”

In the News: Daughter launches e-petition over Cosmetic Surgery

BBC News Reports Feb. 15.2012

The daughter of Denise Hendry, who died from complications after cosmetic surgery, is calling for tighter regulations governing operations.

Mrs Hendry, who was married to ex-Blackburn Rovers player Colin Hendry, died in 2009 after liposuction surgery.

Her daughter Rheagan, 22, has now opened an e-petition calling on parliament to review regulations.

If the petition is signed by 100,000 people it could lead to a House of Commons debate.

Mrs Hendry, who lived in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, suffered a punctured bowel during the procedure at the private Broughton Park Hospital, Preston, in April 2002.

‘Reckless and careless’

She had several operations to correct the damage but never fully recovered and died in July 2009, aged 43.

Her husband Colin, who played for Rangers, Blackburn Rovers and Bolton Wanderers, has said he is disgusted at the doctor who carried out the procedure.

Denise HendryDenise Hendry had a seven-year battle with illness after botched liposuction surgery

Dr Gustaf Aniansson is still practising in his native Sweden.

Speaking last year, Mr Hendry said Dr Aniansson was “reckless and careless” during the operation on his wife.

“I can’t believe he is still working in this industry,” he said.

Dr Aniansson is listed as practising plastic surgery, at the Nacka Hospital in Stockholm.

Sweden’s Department of Health said it was aware of Mr Aniansson’s actions in the UK and was looking into it.

Speaking about her campaign, Ms Hendry said there were many situations involving cosmetic surgery “that are deemed quite dangerous”.

“We really need to look at those and think well, our younger generation are getting scooped up in this world and before you know it I think we’re going to see more risks,” she said.

“What we want to see is tighter regulations in the access to the voluntary cosmetic surgery in younger people, we are looking for a higher age limit for having the surgery.”

In the News: Rise in “tummy tuck” surgery for men

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The number of men opting for “tummy tuck” surgery to get a slimmer figure has risen 15 per cent in a year, figures show.

Boy pinching fat on his hips: Parents 'overestimate how much exercise their children are getting'

Male “tummy tucks” showed an annual increase of 15 per cent Photo: GETTY

By Daily Telegraph Reporter

7:30AM GMT 30 Jan 2012

More than 43,000 people underwent cosmetic operations last year, according to annual statistics from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

The figures show that the number of procedures increased by nearly six per cent, similar to rises in 2009 and 2010.

The biggest rise in demand was for male “tummy tucks”, or an abdominoplasty, which showed an annual increase of 15 per cent.

For the first time, the annual audit included fat transfer procedures – where fat is taken from one part of the body and injected elsewhere, mainly into the face to restore volume.

In total, women underwent 38,771 procedures, up from 34,413, an increase of 12.7 per cent.

This was in line with demand for male surgery which increased by seven per cent to 4,298 from 4,017.

Male procedures accounted for 10 per cent of all cosmetic surgery. Breast enhancement surgery maintained a slow but constant growth of 6.2 per cent from 9,418 to 10,003 in 2011 and continues to be the most popular procedure.

The operation kept its place as the second most common procedure for men, rising by seven per cent from 741 to 790.

“Tummy tucks” proved increasingly popular with men and women alike, with a rise of seven per cent from 3,039 to 3,251 in women and a 15 per cent increase in male demand from 108 to 124. Fat transfer procedures were up five per cent for both sexes, ranking the eighth most popular procedure among women and the sixth most popular for men.

Fazel Fatah, a consultant plastic surgeon and president of BAAPS, said: “It is understandable that procedures for the more noticeable areas of the face and body – such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty [nose jobs] and eyelid surgery – continue to prove popular when patients are looking to get the most ‘impact’ from their surgery to enhance their mental well-being and self-confidence.

“It is also not surprising to note a considerable rise in treatments such as tummy tucks and liposuction when there has been an increase in people undergoing obesity treatment such as gastric bands.

“These patients are usually left with a lot of loose skin that causes physical problems and unsightly body contour which can only be addressed by surgery.”

Rajiv Grover, a consultant plastic surgeon and president elect of BAAPS, said: “The continued popularity of aesthetic plastic surgery, even through financially difficult times, demonstrates that the public sees real value in the psychological and physical improvement that can be achieved.

“Advances in techniques have also meant it’s harder to ‘tell’ if someone has undergone a procedure – they may just look well-rested, or refreshed.

“Whether because of the recent implant scare or a backlash against some ‘lunchtime’ non-surgical treatments that don’t deliver what they promise, it is reassuring that patients are doing their homework, evaluating criteria other than just price, and choosing BAAPS surgeons.”

In the News: Most Wanted Body According to Plastic Surgeons

JENNIFER Aniston has the most desired body in Hollywood, according to Tinseltown’s plastic surgeons.

The 42-year-old star tops the annual Hollywood’s Hottest Looks survey compiled by Beverly Hills doctors Richard Fleming and Toby Mayer.

But while Aniston may have the most coveted total package, younger stars are filling in more and more slots on the docs’ body parts lists, Fox News reports.

“The biggest shift over the past year is that the younger celebrity group is emerging – people like Katy Perry. The celebrity faces are what people refer to as an example,” Dr Fleming told

In the hair department, the winners were Taylor Swift, Katherine McPhee and Jennifer Lopez. When it came to the most coveted female lips, Angelina Jolie took gold followed by Charlize Theron and Katherine Heigl.
Penelope Cruz, Amanda Seyfried and Katy Perry took the top spots for most popular eyes.

In the men’s department newcomer Chris Hemsworth has 2012’s Most Desired Body, beating out Taylor Lautner and Chris Evans.

Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest and Ryan Reynolds were acknowledged for their sought-after skin, and Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt earned the top three spots, respectively, for their envied cheeks.

Noticeable exclusions from the list were two of the most talked about women of 2011, Kate and Pippa Middleton.

“It happened too late with them, this is a calendar year survey,” dr Fleming said.


“With respect, the younger sister Pippa, all people really talked about was her butt. They did not talk about her facial features.”

Read more:

In the News: Endo Aug

New Breast Augmentation Method Minimizes Scars, Speeds Healing

Dr. Arthur Cambeiro, who specializes in plastic surgery in Las Vegas, now offers a cutting-edge breast augmentation technique called the “Endo Aug.” Advantages include faster healing, hidden scars and a reduced risk of post-surgical complications

Henderson, Nevada (PRWEB) January 15, 2012

Double board-certified surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro, a specialist in plastic surgery in the Las Vegas area, wants his patients to have a short, smooth recovery and minimal scarring. He is achieving that goal with his new endoscopic breast augmentation method called the “Endo Aug,” which uses a tiny camera to help with the procedure.

“I make a point of keeping pace with the latest techniques and technology in my field,” Dr. Cambeiro says. “Consequently, when I studied endoscopic surgery, I recognized the role it could play in giving women a shorter recovery period and a reduced risk of complications after breast augmentation. Las Vegas is a city where appearance is important, so the fact that endoscopic breast augmentation results in hidden scars is also valuable.”

Endoscopic breast augmentation uses a tiny lighted camera called an endoscope. Dr. Cambeiro first makes a small incision under the armpit, where the scar won’t be noticed. Through this incision, he inserts the endoscope to guide him as he performs the breast augmentation.

“The key to this procedure is the armpit’s natural crease, because it is ideal for hiding scars,” Dr. Cambeiro says. “Because the incision is so minute, I gently ease the endoscope and surgical instruments into the breast pocket to position the breast implants. My Las Vegas patients benefit from a reduction in post-surgical complications and a comfortable, faster recovery.”

The endoscopic camera allows Dr. Cambeiro to see the area through mirrored images. This helps him view the precise edges of the breast implant pocket, thereby streamlining the procedure.

When Dr. Cambeiro describes the Endo Aug to his patients, they are impressed with its advantages.

“A faster recovery combined with a reduced risk of complications is a win-win,” he says. “And when I explain how the scars are not visible after they heal, patients usually have just one question: ‘When can I schedule my procedure?’

“I look forward to finding other ways to use this innovative technology to provide more patients with these advantages.”

Dr. Arthur Cambeiro ( is a board-certified Las Vegas plastic surgeon. He offers cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures ranging from BOTOX® Cosmetic to face lifts and breast augmentation through his practice, SurgiSpa™ Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Cambeiro earned his medical degree from the University of Colorado and received his surgical training through the Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency Program and the world-famous Mayo Clinic. Dr. Cambeiro is certified by both The American Board of Surgery and The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

In the News: Wedding Trend

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Wedding Trend: Brides Opt for Plastic Surgery before big day

12:59 am January 13, 2012, by Theresa Walsh Giarrusso

Instead of just toning up or dieting for their weddings, many brides today are opting for plastic surgery – sometimes in place of a big wedding or honeymoon.

Good Morning America reports that breast lifts and liposuction have become such a regular parts of pre-wedding day routines that it even has a name — Bridalplasty. (You may remember a reality TV show by the same name where woman competed for plastic surgery before their weddings.)

From the Good Morning America web site:

“Dr. Tenley Lawton says she treats as many as five brides-to-be each month. For some, it’s as simple as a Botox injection. For others, it’s far more involved. Some brides have come in and paid up to $15,000 to have work done.”

“It’s a whole lot of money … We want to make sure the patient is doing this for the right reasons. They’re doing this for themselves, not just their fiancés or any other motive,” Dr. Lawton told “Good Morning America.”

One bride GMA featured lost a bunch of weight and wanted all of the sagging skin removed before the wedding. Her budget was $20,000 – nearly the cost of the wedding.

So what do you think of bridalplasty as a trend? Does it make sense that a bride would want to feel her best before she gets married? Or should the fiancé accept her for who she is? Do you think it’s for the bride or for the fiancé or for both? Is the wedding just a deadline for self improvement or is there something else wacky going on there? What do you think of trading out a honeymoon or big wedding for the surgery?

Breast Implant Scandal

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