Alessandra’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret bombshell Alessandra Ambrosio has her own secret beauty weapon, and it’s available at your nearest plastic surgeon’s office. If you look at her before picture of her modeling when she was a bit younger, you can’t imagine why she would ever consider getting any work done on her beautiful face. Simply put, she doesn’t need it …at all.  Above, you can see Alessandra Ambrosio plastic surgery before and after.  The lips, the collagen.

Alessandra is following in the steps of many other beautiful celebrities and models, who at some point feel they are no longer good enough at their natural state, and must enhance their beauty. In her case she used collagen lip injections and has consistently been using them for several years now. Her plastic surgeon must love having her as a patient…once you start, she just can’t stop.

Lucky for her, the modeling industry welcomes beauty and the whatever-it-takes attitude to stay in the game. Looks like Alessandra figured out the thin line between, subtly enhancing, and joining the group of the ever-growing trout pout club.


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